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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Car Accident Changes the Lives of All Involved, Driver and Victims Alike

What are the effects of drunk-driving accidents on the parties involved?

A Halloween night car accident at Skidmore College resulted in the death of one student and the severe injuries of two others. The students were all pedestrians. The driver, Thomas Gorman, who worked at the college from 1990-2006, has stated that Skidmore's streets are known to be poorly lit and dangerous to walk on, and that he's sorry for the damage he caused, but "it wasn't intentional."

Nonetheless, at the time of the accident, Gorman failed a field sobriety test and had an open alcoholic beverage container in his car. He is now charged with felony vehicular assault and driving while intoxicated. Since one student was killed and two others were hospitalized in critical condition at Albany Medical Center, it is possible that the charges against the defendant may be upgraded. Adding to the gravity of the situation is that Gorman was previously convicted of Driving While Impaired in 2013.

According to District Attorney of Saratoga County, Karen Heggen, "The defendant who is charged made a choice that made all the difference in the lives of these three individuals -- and that's tragic." It could be argued that the driver's poor choice affected many more than three lives adversely, including, of course, his own.

Ripples of shock and misery during the candlelight vigil, memorial services, ongoing hospital visits, and counseling sessions for affected students spread throughout the community. All of the individuals whose lives have been forever changed by this tragedy, including the driver, recognize the senselessness of the event and how easily it could have been prevented.

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