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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Capital Region Developer and Former University President Named in Recent State Corruption Scandal

What crimes are Alain Kaloyeros and Joseph Nicolla accused of committing?

During the past few weeks, both Alain Kaloyeros, 60, and Joseph Nicolla, 59, have been arrested on charges of bid-rigging in the Albany region. Nicolla, who has been named by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a felony complaint, is president of an Albany-based real estate development company Columbia Development. His long-time friend, Alain Kaloyeros, the suspended president and CEO of SUNY Poly, was indicted on related charges a few days before Nicolla. If you are arrested for any criminal act in the Capital Region of New York State, you should contact a highly skilled criminal defense attorney in the area to ensure that your case has the best possible outcome. 

The two long-time friends are now both facing a judge on charges involving alleged corruption. Nicolla is facing one count of combination in Restraint of Trade and Competition which is a felony. Kaloyeros is facing three counts of the same charge, as well as additional charges of bribery in Cuomo's well-publicized economic development plan: the Buffalo Billion. Attorney General Schneiderman is accusing the two politically well-connected men of collaborating to ensure that Columbia Development was awarded a multimillion dollar housing project for SUNY Poly.

Not surprisingly, both Kaloyeros' and Nicolla's attorneys state that their clients are innocent. Kaloyero's lawyer says that the charges against his client "cannot be reconciled with his leadership of SUNY Poly," and Nicolla's attorney declares that "No crime was committed! These charges are brought without the facts to support them; the investigation was incomplete."

Nonetheless, Schneiderman alleges that bidding requests written by the two defendants were worded in such a way that only Columbia Development would meet the qualifications necessary for the job. Also, it has yet to be explained how, although the official bid request was sent out to competing developers in March 2015, Schneidermann has found emails and paperwork between the two defendants dating back to August of 2014 in which the two men had already included a drawing of the development plan. Another piece of apparently incriminating evidence is that nearly a year before the bid request was sent out, Nicolla had already purchased every home on the site adjacent to the campus in preparation for receiving the contract. 

If you are accused of, or arrested for, a crime in the Capital Region of New York State, please consult with our excellent criminal defense attorneys at Ianniello Anderson. We serve clients in Albany, Clifton Park, Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Troy and the entire Northeastern New York area and can be reached at 518.350.7755.

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