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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Heading to Traffic Court? Don't Forget Your Attorney

Getting caught speeding, failing to pass properly, or running a red light could lead to large fines, costlier insurance, or even the suspension of your license. Police can hand out tickets for a number of reasons and cameras can even snap photos of your license plate if you have violated a law.

Most people simply accept punishment and pay the fines. Fines can add up quickly if you are not careful. You do have the right to contest your tickets in traffic court.

Hiring a traffic lawyer is a good move if you find yourself wanting to contest a citation, as a lawyer may be able to use their expertise to help lessen your penalties.

Generally, if you decide to contest your ticket, an Administrative Law Judge will hear your case. If you receive a non-criminal moving citation, the New York DMV and the Traffic Violations Bureau will manage the case if you received the citation in New York City or Rochester.

What Are The Components Of Traffic Court?

Once you decide to fight a traffic ticket, you will want to make sure you file a plea of not guilty to the appropriate court or agency before the deadline. After, you will be given a date to return for a trial or pre-trial conference.

An attorney will be able to help represent you at a pre-trial conference. At a conference, a prosecutor will work with you to negotiate some sort of settlement. If a settlement is not reached, an attorney will be able to represent you and your case before a judge by providing evidence, witnesses and arguments.

If you instead decide to represent yourself, you will be obligated to follow the procedures of New York traffic court, which may be daunting.

What Can An Attorney Do For Me?

A traffic attorney might be able to get the charges against you diminished. You could see a reduction of fines and penalties or even avoid having your license being suspended or revoked.

An experienced traffic attorney might be able to help you keep points off of your record. In New York, if you receive 11 points in 18 months, your license may be revoked or suspended. In addition, New York state law mandates that all drivers must have car insurance, and a traffic ticket attorney may be able to help keep your insurance rates low if you do receive a ticket.

What Should I Consider When Hiring An Attorney?

1.  Location: Depending on where the ticket is written, a local court might handle your case. You will want to look for a lawyer who is in the area of where the alleged offense was. They will have the best knowledge of the local customs and court system.

2. Experience: When searching for an attorney to represent you, one key question to ask is how many clients they have helped through traffic issues. The more experience your attorney has, the better equipped they will be to handle your particular situation.

Heading to traffic court? You don’t need to go it alone. Contact us today to talk about your options. Serving clients in the Albany, Clifton Park, Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Troy, and the entire Northeastern NY areas at (518) 350.7755.


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